Tangerine Hot Power Yoga

Tangerine Hot Power Yoga

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When Tangerine Hot Power Yoga asked us to help re-imagine the yoga experience in Brooklyn, we jumped at the opportunity. From the full identity and brand materials to website and digital marketing, we said goodbye to esoteric mantras and mandalas and hello to a hipper, more dynamic vibe for this brand new studio. Studio Neue is now the design and digital marketing agency of record for Tangerine.






With a name like “Tangerine,” the visual inspiration for the yoga studio’s brand was pretty obvious. Taking cues from the fruit (which is “slightly sweeter and stronger” than an orange — and also Tangerine Hot Power Yoga’s tag line), we created a brand that gives a nod to its namesake but also has an energy and edginess that’s reflective of the studio’s Brooklyn roots.


The super-talented Rennie Solis is responsible for the brand photography. The imagery itself is bold and lively — and we love that it was purposefully shot outside of the studio in well-known places around Brooklyn, like Prospect Park — so there was no need to over-design the marketing collateral. We kept post cards, mailers and similar print pieces simple with either just the logo or a series of action words overlaid on the images.

A "slightly sweeter and stronger" online experience.


Our main objective with the website was to keep it clean, simple and beautiful. As a new studio, it was just as important to convey the personality of the brand as it was to direct users to quickly and easily “Book a Class” (from anywhere). The responsive site integrates the MindBodyOnline scheduling platform seamlessly with an embedded schedule and pricing packages. As the business has matured, we’ve evolved the site to accommodate a full roster of events, workshops and teachers.

"From my very first conversation with Studio Neue, I knew they were going to create something magical. They asked me to dig deeper, to get clear on what I believe in, which inspires me to do what I do. This is why Studio Neue was able to create such a unique and functional visual identity and website for my brand.”

TAMARA BEHAR, founder / co-owner